9 Ways To Make Your Book or Biz Famous

I’ve put together a PDF report you might like …. “Make Your Book or Business Famous: 9 Insider Strategies for Landing Free Publicity on Radio/TV Shows, Newspapers, Magazines and Online”

In this report, you'll get real-life how-they-got-coverage publicity case histories including:

  • How the author of a book in a crowded subject category stood out from the pack and got booked on the Today show.
  • The strategy that landed the owner of a very ordinary business -- sceptic tank inspections -- on the CBS Evening News.
  • How I helped Robert Kiyosaki make his book Rich Dad Poor Dad famous.
  • How an amateur chess champion landed a big feature in People magazine.
  • What a Good Morning America producer told me was the absolute best way to get booked as a guest on the show.
  • How to use Google to get publicity.
  • What you need to do to make the most of the media coverage you generate.
  • How a dentist piggy-backed on the presidential election to land an appearance on Fox News.
  • and much MORE!

#2 – Still need to apply to attend the National Publicity Summit?

Join us in New York, April 25-28, and personally meet over 100 journalists/producers from major media. 

Previous attendees have been featured on Today Show, The View, Entrepreneur, Time, New York Times and many other major media.

Steve Harrison

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