Book Not Out? Avoid This Critical Timing Mistake

After working with more than 12,000 non-fiction authors, I can tell you that most make a big mistake.

They say to themselves, “Right now, I’m just going to focus on writing my book, I can’t even think about getting publicity. I’ll worry about that later.”

On the surface, it makes perfect sense, right?

But it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you want to sell a lot of books.

I’ve found that 98% of authors think this way.

But it’s probably one of the reasons why 98% of all authors sell less than 500 books.

I’m convinced this “Wait-till-my-book-is-done” mistake ultimately causes you to miss out on being interviewed on national TV, getting featured in major magazines or having influential bloggers writing about you and your book.

Here are four specific reasons you really need to start your publicity engines long before your book comes out.

Reason #1
Boost Your Odds of Getting Coverage By Giving the Media Advance Notice. 

“I wish you had contacted me earlier” is a familiar refrain from journalists and producers. Unless you have a breaking news story, the media need advance notice from you.

Book reviewers want review copies well in advance of your publication date.

Major magazine writers and editors work 3-6 months ahead.

Even radio/TV producers who work with much shorter lead times are looking for guests they can use many months from now.

Reason #2 
‘Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty’ By Building Relationships With Influential Media Before You Need Them

Let me ask you something. Suppose you were a producer of a radio talk show. You have people contacting you every day.

Who are you more likely to invite on your show ….the stranger you’ve known about for one day or the nice sweet guy who first introduced himself to you six months ago?

You can never start building relationships early enough with influential media.

That’s one of the major advantages of coming to my National Publicity Summit where you’ll be able to meet producers and journalists from many of today’s most influential media. It’s become a breakthrough way for authors and experts to land valuable publicity for themselves…..get all the info here.

One author came to my Summit while his book was just in the concept stage.

It wasn’t a coincidence that 18 months later he had landed a two-page feature. in the O the Oprah Magazine.

He had built the relationship early rather than late.

This IS a relationship game.

The question is….are you going to play it?

Or are you going to sit on the sidelines?

Only you can decide.

Reason #3
Make Your Book “Media-genic" So It More Easily Attracts Publicity AND Book Buyers

When a producer or journalist holds your book in their hands will they INSTANTLY see the story or segment they could do around you?

Will they see the hook they could use to get their audience interested or will they simply see a book by yet another author sharing yet another story and dispensing yet more advice?

The answer lies in making your book “media-genic.”

An often overlooked secret to making your book a media sensation is to get feedback from the media before it’s written and published.

John Jamison, a financial adviser who is a friend and client of mine was recently telling me about all the doors that were already opening up to him even though his book is practically hot off the press.

John says it’s because he has a KILLER title: Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds.

But John says the title wouldn’t have even occurred to him had he not come to my National Publicity Summit and met a writer from Investor’s Business Daily.

That’s what happens when you start pitching at least some media BEFORE you write your book.

You’ll get invaluable feedback and suggestions which allow you to adjust your approach and thus, dramatically increase your odds of getting coverage.

In fact, at our National Publicity Summit, we encourage our attendees to not only pitch the journalists and producers on giving them coverage, but also asking for their suggestions on how they would pitch the same project if roles were reversed.

Reason #4
Building Your Author/Expert Platform for Influence and Profit

But what do you do if you start getting interviews and you don’t have anything to sell because your book isn’t out?

Glad you asked.

Whether your book has yet to be published or has been out for two years, my advice is the same: offer some great free information so people will get on your email list.

That way, you can stay in touch with them and build a relationship with them.

Building your list, your following, and previous media appearances are all part of building your platform.

If you have them, you’re more likely to get your book published by a major publisher.

These are just some of the many advantages to starting NOW rather than later.

Reason #5
You’ll Get More Publicity (and Certainly Repeat Interviews)

The sooner you can start doing media interviews – particularly radio shows via phone – the better.

Why? Because the more interviews you do, the better you’ll get and the easier it will be to convince producers and hosts to book you in the future.

Waited too long? It’s OK

Despite all the above, the truth is most of my clients come to me with their books already done and my team and I work with them to get the word out.

That’s normal.

But for your next book, dare to be a bit abnormal.

Now is the time to begin reaching out to media.

Now is the time to give you and your project the jump start you need.

Now is the time to decide to join me at my National Publicity Summit, April 25-28, in New York City and personally meet over 100 producers and journalists who do stories and shows for America’s leading radio/TV shows, newspapers, magazines and online outlets.

Previous attendees have been booked on the Today Show, The View, Fox News Channel, O the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Time magazine and many others.

Apply for one of less than 40 remaining spots to attend the National Publicity Summit where you’ll get your publicity ball rolling and meet top media

 I hope to see you in New York, but if not, I urge you to avoid making the mistake all too many authors make – don't put off your publicity efforts till ‘later’ because ‘later’ will probably be too late.

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