I Forgot To Tell You This

You know what surprises people the most when they attend my National Publicity Summit?

It's how NICE and FRIENDLY the media are when they meet them in person.

After attendees experience my Summit, I ask what surprised them the most and they all seem to say essentially the same thing: "I was really nervous coming here but was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and open the media folks were when I met them. I can't believe they're just ordinary people like you and me."

If you've ever heard me interview the media during any of my teleseminars, you've heard firsthand how I seem to attract very friendly and helpful people.

I've found most journalists and producers are nice and friendly by nature. After all, the nature of their jobs requires them to have good people skills.

But there are also other reasons why they're especially nice at my National Publicity Summit.

Here are a few:

  • 1
    They're representing their show or publication. They want to make a good impression -- just like you do.
  • 2
    They are looking for good stories. They know if they don't make you feel comfortable you might get so tongue-tied they'll miss your story.
  • 3
    They're competing with other media outlets. If you have a good book, story or idea, they want to be the first to tell the world about it.
  • 4
    They enjoy meeting people -- especially at my event which helps make their jobs easier and is a lot of fun.
  • 5
    They know if they're not nice, I won't invite them back.
  • 6
    They're not in a rush or a hurry to make a deadline like they are when you call them or email them. As a result, they'll tend to give you more friendly attention.

Someone once said that FEAR stands for "false evidence appearing real."

Everybody who attends my National Publicity Summit battles fear and nervousness. It's perfectly normal.

You're going to have some butterflies in the beginning until you experience my event for yourself.

But now is the time to make those butterflies fly in formation.

If Steve Shapiro had let his fear prevent him from signing up, he wouldn't have landed a two-page spread in O the Oprah Magazine.

If Ron and Lisa Beres had let their fear and skepticism hold them back, they wouldn't have been booked on the Today Show or Fox & Friends.

If Connie Bennett hadn't learned to make her butterflies fly in formation, she wouldn't have been written up in Time magazine and featured in Woman's World -- valuable print publicity she owes directly to attending my Summit.

I could go on and on and tell you about George Pappadapalous who says attending my event led to his making an additional six-figure income.

Or Meryl Getline who's been paid $25,000 to give a speech after people saw her on The View.

Or Rory Cohen who secured publicity on The View, CNN, People Magazine and Entrepreneur by attending my Summit.

What ALL of these folks have in common is this: they were ALL a bit anxious about meeting the media BEFORE they met them at my event.

But they signed up anyway.

The only way to overcome your fear is to take swift action -- otherwise it'll cost you dearly.

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